The proposal made by NAMI experts was supported by the UNECE Working Party on Passive Safety.

December 8-11th, 2015 the regular 58th session of GRSP (the Working Party on Passive Safety) was held in Geneva (Switzerland). In the course of this meeting the expert from the Russian Federation proposed to specify the definition of the guide strap provided in UNECE Regulations No. 44-04. This proposal was unanimously supported by Contracting Parties under Geneva Agreement  of 1958.
The definition was amended as follows:"Guide strap" means a strap or device which constrains the shoulder strap of the adult seat belt in a position to suit the child and where the effective position at which the shoulder strap changes direction can be adjusted by means of a device which can be moved up and down the strap to locate the wearer's shoulder, and then locked into that position. This guide strap is not meant to carry a significant part of the dynamic load. A guide strap is considered as a part of a child restraint system and cannot be separately approved as a child restraint system under this Regulation."
This proposal seeks to exclude even the possibility of a formalistic certification of devices of "guide strap" type, such as different correctors, adapters,... which are widely distributed in the territory of the Russian Federation. 
The report on the results of the 58th session of the Working Party on Passive Safety is published on the official website of the UNECE: