Tyres and wheels group

Vehicle Safety Department

Head of Department – Alexander Barashkov

E-mail: info@autorc.ru 

Tyres and wheels group

Acting Group Leader – Alexander Kurkov 

E-mail: info@autorc.ru 

 Laboratory deals with testing, research and evaluation of vehicles tyres, wheels and components with regard to requirements of Technical Regulation of Customs Union, UNECE Regulations, international and national standards:

  • Test of vehicle tyres for compliance with requirements to thump and grip, UNECE Regulation No. 117;

  • Laboratory and road tests of different tire sizes regarding their impact on vehicles performance in winter and summer conditions (fuel economy, brake - speed, stability and steerability, noise);

  • Accelerated road tests in order to evaluate the wear of tread pattern, tyre life and reliability of passenger, lorry vehicles and buses in the same climatic conditions by the speed road and by the routes imitating city, highway and mountains modes.

  • Evaluation tests of tires impact on the wear of road surface;

  • Tests concerning protection of vehicles against unauthorized use, UNECE Regulations Nos 18, 116;

  • Tests of spare wheels for temporary use, UNECE Regulation No. 64;

  • Bench tests of steel and light-alloy wheels, UNECE Regulation No. 124;

  • Testing of automotive components: shock absorbers, struts, springs, leaf springs, etc.;

  • Definition of static characteristics of tires and moments of inertia of tires and wheels..