Passive safety laboratory

Passive safety laboratory

Vehicle Safety Department

Head of Department – Alexander Barashkov


Passive safety laboratory

Head of laboratory – Mikhail Lyyurov



Laboratory deals with testing and research of vehicles and components with regard to passive safety compliance with requirements of Technical Regulation of Customs Union, UNECE Regulations, international and national standards:

  • Safety of passenger vehicles in case of collisions, UNECE Regulations Nos 12, 33, 34, 94, 95;

  • Ruggedness of buses body framing in case of rollover, UNECE Regulation No.66;

  • Mechanical properties of truck cabins in case of impact or rollover, UNECE Regulation No. 29;

  • Strength and injury prevention of seats, UNECE Regulations Nos 17, 25, 80;

  • Injury prevention of steering details, UNECE Regulation No. 12;

  • The strength of attachment points of safety belts, UNECE Regulation No. 14;

  • The holding properties and safety of child seats, UNECE Regulation No. 44;

  • Fire safety, UNECE Regulations Nos 34, 107;

  • Safety of details of designs, interior and exterior of vehicles, UNECE Regulations Nos 11, 21, 26, 42, 58, 61, 73, 114;

  • Tests of guard rails and elements of roads arrangement.