Ergonomics group

Vehicle Safety Department

Head of Department – Alexander Barashkov


Steerability laboratory

Head of laboratory - Maxim Syropatov


Ergonomics group

Group Leader – Nikolay Nevskiy

 Ergonomics group deals with testing, research and evaluation of vehicles regarding ergonomic and consumer properties in accordance with requirements of Technical Regulation of Customs Union, UNECE Regulations, international and national standards:

  • Testing and experimental calculation to define and optimize the performance of front visibility and visibility through the rear-view mirror, UNECE Regulation No №46(part II), 81, 125, GOST R 51266, 52031, 52032;

  • Test and evaluation of rear view mirrors, UNECE Regulation No 46(part I,), 81;

  • Tests of vehicles and motorcycles in relation to the arrangement of controls, UNECE Regulation No 35, 60;

  • Experimental and calculated studies to optimize the mutual arrangement of the basic elements of the driver's seat;

  • Evaluation of rear mirrors design and vehicle consumer properties;

  • Testing of passenger vehicles in respect of cleaning the windscreen of fogging and icing, GOST R 52031 and wiping and washing – GOST R 52032;

  • Testing and evaluation of passenger vehicles with regard to the location and identification of hand controls, tell-tales and indicators.