Department for Environmental Safety of Motor Vehicles

Head of Department for Environmental Safety of Motor Vehicles

Dr Mark Vaysblum
Conducting tests to determine emission of harmful substances of vehicles and engines in accordance with the Russian and International standards and regulations;

  • Conducting tests under effective environmental standards, as well as in compliance with prospective International requirements developed within the agreements in which Russia participates;
  • Development of standard documents in the field of environmental safety of vehicles including International within the framework of UNECE;
  • Investigation of extremely harmful components – polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, aldehydes, etc., that are not regulated by the requirements currently in force;
  • Testing and investigation of the environmental properties of experimental specimens of motor vehicles in the course of their development, refinement and putting into production on manufacturers’ demands;
  • Testing vehicles and catalytic converter systems, as well as replacement catalytic converters for the reliability in the course of durable running tests along the type routes;
  • Investigations of alternative fuels with improved environmental properties, fuel and motor oil additives enhancing environmental safety of vehicles;
  • Analytical research into the coordination of engine and transmission performance;
  • Investigations into the exterior and interior noise and vibration of vehicles at the stationary and transient modes;
  • Identification and localization of the main sources of exterior and interior noise of vehicles;
  • Testing to determine the content of harmful substances (gas) in the air of the vehicle interiors and cabs;
  • Investigations in the field of emission of harmful substances by the interior trimming materials of vehicle passenger compartments;
  • Testing and research into the speed properties and fuel economy of vehicles;
  • Testing on production control of the serially manufactured vehicles with regard to emission of harmful substances;
  • Modern equipment mainly by leading European manufacturers.