Vibration and Acoustics laboratory

Head of Department for Environmental Safety of Motor Vehicles Dr Mark Vaysblum
Head of laboratory: Yury Galevko

Vibration and Acoustics Laboratory
  • Accredited to conduct the standard tests of vehicles, motorcycles and their units for their noise ratings in comliance with the requirements of UNECE Regulations, the Technical Regulation on Safety of Wheeled Vehicles and the National Standards (UNECE Regulations Nos 51.02, 41.03, 63.02, 9.06, 59, 103, 92 and 117; National Standard GOST R 51616.)
  • Accredited to conduct the tests and evaluation of local and overall vibration under the requirements of ISO
Vibration and Acoustics Laboratory possesses:
  • Certified test track meeting the requirements of ISO 10844;
  • Certified measuring and processing complexes for evaluation of vibration and acoustic characteristics enabling the simultaneous recording of vehicle running parameters;
  • Certified semi-anechoic certified anechoic chambers for research and refinement tests of motor vehicles and engines with regard to their acoustic parameters;
  • Semi-anechoic boxes equipped with test rigs for evaluation of the dynamic emission systems, the elastic components of power plant suspensions and bodies (cabs);
  • Certified test benches and rigs for evaluation of the sound insulation, sound absoption and vibration cushioning of vehicle materials and structures used for optimization of the noise parameters;
  • Certified test rigs for evaluation of the spectral response characteristics and the reliability of audible signal devices;
  • Silencer blow-down rig with packing by pulsation method.

Vibration and Acoustics Laboratory performs

  • investigations into the exterior and interior noise and vibration of vehicles at the stationary and transient modes;
  • identification and localization of the main sources of exterior and interior noise of vehicles;
  • finite element simulation and modal analysis of dynamic features of elements of vehicle design and its units;
  • finite element simulation of gas dynamic and thermal processes in exhaust systems;
  • vehicle design refinement with regard to noise and vibration parameters.