Laboratory for vehicle emission

Head of Department for Environmental Safety of Motor Vehicles Dr Mark Vaysblum
Head of laboratory: Irina Semenikhina

 Testing and research on vehicle categories М1, N1 in compliance with the Russian and International standards including the requirements of Euro-4 and Euro-5


  • Certification tests of vehicles for correspondence with the requirements of the Technical Regulation "Concerning the Requirements to Emission of Harmful (polluting) Substances by Motor Vehicles Put into Circulation into the Territory of the Russian Federation", and the Regulation "Concerning Safety of Wheeled Vehicles",
  • UNECE Regulations with regard to emission of harmful substances;
  • Conducting tests and research on vehicles for their compliance with prospective International requirements as well as National requirements of other countries;
  • Development of standard documents in the field of environmental safety of vehicles within the framework of the ITC of UNECE;
  • Testing and investigation of the environmental properties of experimental specimens of motor vehicles in the course of their development, refinement and putting into production on manufacturers’ demands;
  • Testing of vehicles and catalytic converter systems for the reliability in the course of durable running tests along the type routes;
  • Investigations of alternative fuels with improved environmental properties, fuel and motor oil additives enhancing environmental safety of vehicles;
  • Testing and research into the speed properties and fuel economy of vehicles (UNECE Regulations Nos. 39, 68,84, 89,101, GOST 22576-90, GOST 54810-2011);
  • Testing on production control of the serially manufactured vehicles with regard to emission of harmful substances.