Engines Laboratory of Environmental Safety Department

Head of Department for Environmental Safety of Motor Vehicles Dr Mark Vaysblum
Head of laboratory: Vadim Solomin

Research and testing of engines in compliance with the UNECE Regulations, Russian and International Standards, including the requirements of Euro-3, Euro-4 and Euro-5.

  • Certification testing of engines with regard to their emission of harmful substances, smoking and power properties in compliance with UNECE Regulations Nos 24, 49, 96, 85, 120;
  • Certification testing of compressed gas vehicles and engines in compliance with the environmental requirements of UNECE Regulations Nos 67, 110, 115, 122, 100; 24, 49, 96, 85, 120;
  • Certification testing and investigation of determination contents of harmful substances in the vehicle interior and cabs;
  • Investigation of units, assemblies and systems of engines and emission reducing devices to provide for the prospective requirements concerning the environmental safety;
  • Investigation of oil and gas fuels to provide for the International requirements to the environmental safety;
  • Testing and investigation in the course of development of engine modifications and engine conversion to the operation on alternative fuels;
  • Investigation of alternative fuels with improved environmental properties, the fuel and motor oil additives enhancing the environmental safety of engines;
  • Testing and investigation of experimental specimens of engines and their systems with regard to their environmental properties in the course of development, refinement and putting into production according to the manufacturers’ demands;
  • Investigation of the new vehicle and engine testing procedures within the framework of international collaboration;
  • Accelerated durability testing for the reliability of engines, units and assemblies.