Road and proving ground tests

Road and Proving Ground Tests Department

Head of Department – Vladimir Zhuchkov 


Deputy Head of Department – Mikhail Sokolov


Department comprises:

Testing laboratory for passenger vehicles        

Head of laboratory – Vyacheslav Kurkov


Testing laboratory for specialized vehicles, trailers, climatic and corrosion tests  

Head of laboratory – Lyubov Butrova 


Testing laboratory for commercial vehicles and buses

Head of laboratory – Alexander Zarayskiy


Department deals with:

  • Carrying out tests to determine the stability of vehicles of various categories to external sources of electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic compatibility;

  • Carrying out tests concerning installation of lighting devices and the light alarm of vehicles;

  • Carrying out tests concerning quantity, position and characteristics of rear identification marks for vehicles of big length and loading capacity;

  • Carrying out tests concerning ventilation, heating and conditioning;

  • Carrying out tests concerning dimensional and weight restrictions;

  • Carrying out tests with regard to durability of a design for corrosion resistance;

  • Carrying out tests for compliance with additional requirements to specialized and special vehicles (transit mix-trucks, lumber carriers, ambulance vehicles, dump trucks, fire trucks, vehicles for municipal services and the maintenance of roads, etc.)

  • Carrying out running tests of samples of vehicles for the purpose of an assessment of indicators of reliability, working capacity and durability, including methods of the accelerated and forced tests;

  • Carrying out identification for the assessment compliance of vehicles types with requirements of Technical Regulations on safety of wheeled vehicles;

  • Participation of specialists in the branch committees of certification bodies and state supervision to verify the conditions of production and inspection of certified vehicles;

  • The organization of tests of complete vehicles within confirmation of compliance to regulatory documents;

  • Development of regulatory and methodical documents in the field of testing complete vehicles of various categories.