Laboratory for Aerodynamics of DESMV NICIAMT FSUE “NAMI"

Head of Department for Environmental Safety of Motor Vehicles,
Dr Mark Vaysblum
Head of Laboratory 

Evgeny Valyagin

General activities:

The whole range of aerodynamic research into full-scale vehicle samples and their scaled models as well as the objects the performance of which depends on the interaction with the air flow (buildings, engineering constructions, sports equipment, etc.):

      -     optimization of vehicle exterior shapes with the aim to reduce the aerodynamic resistance and enhance the balance of lifting forces;
-     investigation into efficiency of performance of ventilation, interior heating and unit cooling systems;
-     investigation into the interaction of the test object with the approach flow (contamination, wind resistance, aerodynamic noise);
-     determination of the draft-speed characteristics, the power balance and the fuel economy of vehicles.

The prime tool for the research is the full-scale automotive wind-tunnel.

Basic specifications of the wind-tunnel:

      -     Working compartment of closed type with slot perforation of the walls and the ceiling;
-     Working compartment cross-section area 27 sq.m;
-     Air flow velocity, maximum 200 km/h.
-     Measuring forces and moments influencing a test object (6 components)
-     Determination of the distribution of pressures, velocities and temperatures on the surface and in the preset volume;
-     Visualization of the flow process.